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The Four Day Diary

I am working on this since November 2011, on and off, and never took it seriously. But now, that the Project Potato is gaining some weight (it has about 3k lines of code, not counting with external library source code and configuration files), I started to keep a diary of the stuff I achieved.

I now intend to keep the diary on this blog, and not on a mere text file.

This diary has only 4 days on it. So, for preservation purposes, here it is on it's original form taken directly from a text file:

== Diary ==
17 Feb 2012
* Sliding code complete. Fully dependent on gravity (as it should)
* Implemented Euler angles (yaw, pitch, roll).
- Player now rolls while turning
* Touched the ambient values in the goals and the ship object
* Removed the rear mirror
* Made public release 4 (at http://omploader.org/vY3UwYg)
- Made Facebook post
- Made a LD post (at http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/2012/02/17/potato-project/)
* Moved the main loop to the Potato class, instead of every world have its own

16 Feb 2012
* Improved XZ terrain collision
- Instead of checking height difference, check for the slope's angle.
* Begun work on player selection

15 Feb 2012
* Add json files for each type of vehicle (with their model and stats)
* Begun work on dynamic terrain LOD.
* Customizable controls via configuration file
* Messed with the XZ collision
* Initial work on "sliding". Downward slopes accelerate, upward slopes break

14 Feb 2012
* Added goal

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