terça-feira, 7 de agosto de 2012

Potate Gameplay Ideas

It has came to my mind a way to improve Potato gameplay. To go beyond the simple racing mechanic. I am thinking in finding a way of making this a multi-vehicular racing game. Confusing? I'll explain.

Each track will have its segments. In each segment the player takes a role of a specific vehicle. Whether this should be done be triggering or by player input, I am not sure yet. But one possible implementation of the idea is as follows:

The first segment you have a car-like mechanic, because you're on the road. Suddenly, the road ends, you must turn into/move into a boat, because there's a lake you must transverse. Afterwards, you should catch/turn into a plane to overcome a lava pit. Then back to the car. There may be shooting mechanics...

Keep in mind this is simply a draft. I was typing these ideas as they came flowing....

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